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What happened? [12 Jul 2009|07:41pm]
feels bad for abandoning livejournal
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has been reading the Animal Welfare codes. Thinks a government welfare code entitled 'Code of recommendations and minimum standards for the welfare of politicians during the removal of fingers' should be slipped into cabinet's Friday afternoon paper pile for cabinet approval Monday morning. I love that web applications these days have squiggly red lines under spelling errors. I wonder how many words I could fit into
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[04 Apr 2009|06:17pm]
I really need some good inspiring new music.

[04 Jan 2009|01:11pm]
So. I'd just like to say how much my heart sinks at the thoughts of so many people who talked about how great Obama is/would be.

Thousands injured in Haza, Hundreds dead. And within Israel the left are being interogated, detained, beaten - and much worse if you're an Israili Arab. And all actively supported by the USA.

Yeah, what a great guy. Maybe you all should go into Gaza and tell them how great Obama is.

People are so nieve.

[24 Nov 2008|11:30am]
Last night we headed out to a gig at the Acoustic Routes Folk Club!

Quite an interesting dynamic, all these old folk fans in the front rows - and us young anarchists (and close-to) up the back.

The gig was Alistair Hewlett (Australian based Scottish socialist folk singer), and David Rovics - who was bloody awesome. I really recommend checking out his music. You'll laugh! You'll cry! And he has an album of childrens pirate songs out too! :)

Yup, good fun.

[17 Nov 2008|12:49pm]
We're closing Oblong (which also contains The Freedom Shop).



A lesser of two evils is still EVIL! [11 Nov 2008|11:57am]

Voting the lesser of two eveils is still voting for evil.... [05 Nov 2008|10:29am]
An Open Letter to Barack Obama
Between Hope and RealityCollapse )

Forest activists attacked in Tasmania [27 Oct 2008|11:28am]
Forest activists attacked in the Upper Florentine Valley, Tassie

A peaceful action by conservationists in the Upper Florentine was targeted by violent logging contractors, with one activist kicked in the head and blockade infrastructure attacked with a sledgehammer, seriously endangering two activists.This occurred while a Forestry Tasmania employee watched on.

“Members of the Tasmanian community engaged in legitimate peaceful protest in defence of ancient forests should not be subjected to this kind of violence, nor should it be condoned by Forestry Tasmania employees” said Still Wild Still Threatened spokeperson Ula Majewski.

“Due to the carbon-storage value of this forest, the contentious nature of this logging operation and today’s violence, Still Wild Still Threatened requests an immediate cessation of logging in coupe FO042E” Ula Majewski said.

“Violence of this kind is perpetrated by a small minority of logging contractors. Contractors such as Howell’s Logging should focus their anger on those who are endangering their livelihoods, such as Forestry Tasmania and Gunns Limited, who continue to damage Tasmanian communities and forests with an unsustainable, woodchip based industry” Ula Majewski said.

“Activists will be pursuing this matter with the police” said Miss Majewski.

The Hobart Mercury reported that Forestry had denied one of their staff witnessed any confrontation. In the video above you can see this is a complete lie as the Forestry Tasmania employee (wearing a yellow hard hat) leans down and warns one of the protestors before the loggers go ape.

And then a few days later:
Friday, 24th October 2008

Activist cars torched in the Upper Florentine Valley, Tasmania

Late last night, two cars belonging to peaceful forest activists were set on fire at a community blockade in the Upper Florentine Valley. A number of unknown individuals arrived at ‘Camp Florentine’ around 11:30pm and used jerry cans of petrol to set the vehicles on fire. A forest activist who was sleeping in the vicinity of the vehicles was woken by shouting and loud smashing. A forest information booth provided for tourists was also set on fire and a gas cooker inside the booth exploded.

“These violent attacks against peaceful community activists are an absolute disgrace. It is incumbent upon the Tasmanian Government to find a resolution to these conflicts by protecting our precious old growth forests and compensating logging contractors” said Still Wild Still Threatened spokesperson Ula Majewski.

“Tasmanian forest defenders who are peacefully standing up against the devastation of our old growth forests should not be subjected to this kind of barbaric, vigilante behaviour” said Miss Majewski.

“We will continue to speak out against the continued decimation of the irreplaceable carbon dense forests of the Styx, Weld and Upper Florentine Valleys” said Miss Majewski.

The incident has been reported to the Tasmanian Police.


Vegan feast!!! [29 Aug 2008|11:09am]

Come along next Saturday to this great banquet to help support those on the ground fighting for animal freedom! The last one (fundraising for the Save the Beagles campaign)was excellent, with multiple courses of all sorts of amazing foods (including a truly awesome dessert round!) to be had.


[30 Jul 2008|12:14pm]
The Dark Knight: Hollywood’s Terror Dream

What’s on the menu in The Dark Knight? The same thing that’s on the two-party American political menu, year in and year out.

The moral is as old, and as conservative, as Hobbes: we can live in a wild, murderous wasteland or a lawless, authoritarian police state. It doesn’t matter which of these options the film presents as more appealing or fun; all that matters is that no other options—e.g., left-wing anarchism, participatory democracy, decentralized communism, democratic socialism etc.—present themselves.

if I had a sickle... [25 Jul 2008|02:14pm]
ABC Wellington invite you to a film screening and talk by Waihopai ANZAC Ploughshares activist and arrestee Adrian Leason.

Come along this Saturday (i.e. tomorrow) to view this film documenting the US/NZ military relationship, followed by a talk from Adrian Leason on why he took direct action against the Waihopai spy base.

Tea and biscuits (vegan) provided.

Look forward to seeing you there! :)

Media blocked from Free Trade show. [20 Jun 2008|12:25pm]
The Alliance Party has blasted a media shutdown by a Government-run free trade roadshow.Collapse )

Playing at Valve [31 May 2008|01:27am]

I'll probably be playing on a few tracks at the above gig on the 6th, if you're in Wellington y'all should head along.

Global solidarity on Climate Change [26 May 2008|12:34pm]
Towards climate action in Copenhagen 2009Collapse )

Olymmpics 2010 [26 May 2008|11:36am]
No Olympics on Stolen Land


The 2010 Winter Olympics, to be held in Vancouver-Whistler Canada from February 12-27, 2010, is today a very real threat to Native peoples, the urban poor (many of whom are also Native), and the environment. While cutting social services, healthcare, education, etc., the British Colombia Liberal government is at the same time providing billions of dollars to construction companies & other Olympic-related industries. The capitalists are making millions, while the poor are literally dying in the urban & reservation ghettos. Already, more land has been destroyed for the expansion or construction of highways, ski resorts, & Olympic venues.

The Olympic organizers operate with a budget of almost $2 billion, and other costs to government surpass $6 billion. Despite all the Olympic-related mega development, Vancouver is now home to North America’s fastest growing homelessness crisis. Indigenous people account for 30% of this homeless population, despite making up only 2% of the total population in the province. Much of the resistance to the Olympics is recognition for the real intentions of such games; to further the colonial process, and to produce massive profits for the private sector at the expense of the people and the land.

The Campaign

The campaign is currently in an outreach and community building stage as Indigenous and allied groups organize to disrupt the Olympics. A convergence is being planned during the Olympics and the Indigenous community asks that as many allies as possible be present during this action. Meanwhile, the Canadian state is organizing the largest security operation in the country’s history. Anti-terror threat assessment squads have stated that Indigenous groups and anti-capitalist activists in the No Olympics campaign to be the single greatest threat to security. 12 500 police, military and security personnel will be deployed in 2010 including Emergency Response Teams, riot cops, helicopters and armoured vehicles. Despite this, the scale of the Olympics is so great that the opportunity for disruption and creative resistance is considerable.


BC is unique in Canada in that most of the province is unceded, non-surrendered Indigenous territories. The national government chose to introduce the Indian Act of 1876 as a means of extending government control over all Natives in Canada. Natives were dispossessed of their land, which came under the control of the government. At the same time, the Indian Act imposed the band council, reserve and status systems, and authorized the relocation of Native children & youth into Residential Schools.

Aotearoa Context

The 2010 Olympic games is a further example of colonial repression of indigenous peoples around the world. Through the guise of the Olympic spirit the manifestations of neo-liberal policies are rammed down peoples throats. However, alliances between Indigenous Peoples, Anarchists, environmentalists and other social justice movements continue to grow both here and abroad. From anti-colonial and anti-capitalist campaigns, to Indigenous solidarity work, the No Olympics campaign can provide useful lessons.

Links: no2010.com | 2010watch.com | noii-van.resist.ca

Death Punk Fest '08 [15 May 2008|02:37pm]

I'll be playing a couple of chords at the above gig, unless I get fired first. In New Plymouth! Go road trip, come along, be grimly!

[14 May 2008|12:13pm]
Watched some stuff....

Last night Rosie and I watched Life and Debt - a look into the effects of Globalisation, and specifically the IMF and World Bank, on the economy and people of Jamaica.

Quite a good insight, however I did find that the makers of the film could have looked a litle deeper into _why_ the USA acts in this manner - _why_ the USA subsidises their milk powder exports 130% etc. And also a greater analysis of how to escape the present issues, and exploration of options for self sustenance and moving away from the capitalist system (left with them from colonisation.. they never really gained true independence), and then possibly string in why _that_ would be difficult.. given that unpaid IMF debts will result in offshore takeover and resistance will be met with force.

I think the one aspect that stuck with me was the hopeless, helpless feeling, as there was little mention that these effects of globalisation can be resisted with a massive uprising against imposed power structures and economies.

Having said that, I'm recommending people take the time to watch this, it's a really good account of the workings of the IMF, WTO, World Bank and world superpowers, as well as some history of post colonial Jamaica and a look into todays offshore lower classes.

The tourist vs reality format was quite an interesting addition also, although at times I did find the OTT renditions of the tourists was a bit much.

On to Occupation 101 and NetworkCollapse )

NZ Open Rescue - Pig farming video [11 May 2008|08:00pm]

Small piece on Pig farming here in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

[21 Apr 2008|12:13pm]
Please pass this notice through your networks and to any media that you
have contacts with. Thank you.

Public meeting: Tino Rangatiratanga, Tuhoe and the Terror Raids. Thursday
1 May 7-9pm at Mungavin Hall, Lower Mungavin Avenue. Porirua. Come along
to find what the October 15th 'terror raids' mean for you and your family,
find out how we can make Tino Rangatiratanga happen in Aotearoa now and
what Tuhoe is doing to stand up to police violence. Come along and get
involved in the campaign for freedom.

The public meeting is sponsored by October 15th Solidarity Crew
Wellington. We are a grassroots group committed to securing the
unconditional freedom of the now 20 people arrested in the terrorism raids
and working for Tino Rangatiratanga and Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe. For more
information, check out www.October15thSolidarity.info

[31 Mar 2008|12:34pm]
British spy satellite films Chinese instigating Lhasa riots.

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